Visual Signaling Patents for Licsense

Tescor Products has developed a number visual signaly patents for license.  From emergency response to delivery and passenger/driver identification for pickup.  Our visual signal patent (pending) manifests itself when a smart device is paired with a smart bulb, smart doorbell, or home security system 

Trust & Verify operates as a stand-alone app or SDK embedded into existing rideshare applications. Developed to provide visibility and security to both passengers and drivers. Trust and Verify generates a unique color and pattern with every activation creating a matched pattern. Both Driver and Passenger can request a flashing pattern for higher visibility.

Tescor Products visual signaling (patent pending) is manifested with the proper pairing of smart devices to smart blubs, smart doorbells or smartphone to smartphone signaling, etc., as a standalone app or built into an existing app via an SDK. 

First Responder

Improve on-time delivery,. Increase driver retention, increase driver pool, reduce driver stress, increase customer satisfaction with the 911 delivery visual signaling patent. For more information contact Tescor Products.


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