Audio Visual 400 SAFTI-Strobe Light

With every great attribute that the Low Profile 200 strobe light provides, the A/V 400 enhances safety with an audible warning as well. Our audio alert is a slow beep (play it below) that emits an audible alert where needed.


The foundation of our A/V strobe light unit is a rugged cast aluminum base, with four holes for easy mounting to almost any surface.  Four self-tapping screws and plastic shims are included with every unit.


Available in 12 VDC, 24 VDC and 10/60 VDC.


Red, Clear, Amber and Blue lens are available for the A/V strobe light unit.


If your application is for a older power source where the power may surge, we recommend the 10/60 VDC to handle the variance in power that is usually associated with older models, i.e./ an older fork-lift.

the beep sounds something like this

Made in USA

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