Blinke™ 46-10 LED Strobe Light

Only $89

Lens color - clear, red, amber, blue, green

BLINKE46-10 LED StrobeLight.


The BLINKE™ 46-10 is an LED strobe light with 360 degree visual indicator. The BLINKE is rated at an amazing 57,000 hours of continous operation at 70% light output. That's almost 6.5 years of continuous operation!!!


This LED strobe light is more energy efficient and will last longer than a standard flash tube strobe light. This LED strobe light is all but immune to shock and vibration issues. Unit is rain tight.


  • programmable to 4 different flash patterns

  • 6 different light levels

  • beacon and/or strobe mode


All programming is stored in non-volitile memory so you will not lose the programming when the strobe light is powered off.

Made in USA

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